650R Weird idle, Edelbrock

I have an Edelbrock carb with barnums airbox mod and barnums complete exhaust. Otherwise the bike is stock. The bike starts usually 1st kick, sometimes 2nd. While riding occasionally at low rpms if I pull in the clutch for a couple seconds the bike stalls even though I am still moving enough to bump start it again(sometimes). Sometimes it is on the verge of stalling by idleing very slow until I blip the throttle, then it returns to a faster idle. The idle isnt consistent either. Dont remember if it stalled like this with the stock carb or not. I do know it still didnt have a steady idle with the stocker. The jetting I believe is ok. It doesnt smoke and it doesnt pop on decel or hesitate or run hot. Plug is a little on the dark side but its an old plug (probably the original plug).

Sounds like it is running a little rich on the bottom, try dropping the needle a couple or three clicks and see if that cures it and put in a new plug.

I had the same problem with my Edelbrock.

Look at the metal tab the idle set screw threads through.

The idle screw pushes against another metal tab. Hard to explain, but look at it and it will make sense.

On my carb the idle screw didn't push against the center of that tab, but rather the bottom of it where it curves away. The screw set at an angle, too. My carb required bending of the tab the screw threads through until the idle screw hit the second tab squarely and the idle problem went almost completely away.

Don't bend the tab while it's on the carb, its held by a single screw, you may cause damage. take it off and bend it in a small vice.

Hope this makes sense, I just got up and haven't had my tea yet. Let me know if you're not sure what I'm talking about and I'll take a pic.


You are talking about the stop, the screw rest against, on the top of carb. Correct?

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