Wind turbulence with cut front fender?

I'm thinking of cutting my front fender. I was wondering how it will affect it going down the highway? I ride to work alot up the interstate.


Depends on where and how you cut it. But i wouldnt think it should be all that bad.

If it's the 650L, then cutting 3" - 5" off the front will help by reducing drag, plus it gets rid of that oversized duck bill that ends up flappin' in the breeze at high speeds. :D

While you're at it, drill/cut some air holes/vents at the back. Helps to channel air to the head of the XRL's air-cooled motor. Highly recommended if you've got an aftermarket tank.

Lot's of guys, including me, have done the trimming & venting with great results... :applause: Check out the TT Garage for photos of this mod done by more than a few XRL riders.

I put a UFO fender for a XR400 on mine. I cut slots in the back similar to the ones on a DR650 fender. The XR400 fender fits perfectly and it looks way better than stock fender.

i got a ufo front fenger on mine and its already got monster slots cut in it

I have seen fenders with ports in the back that you can open and close.....

I cut 2 1/2" off yesterday. It took the droop look out of it. Looks great. Doesn't flop around as much at higher speeds.

I was worried about getting mud on the cylinder fins by cutting to big of holes?? I ride alot off-road (when not riding to work), so I cut 1/4" holes in the back of the fender. They aren't noticable, but should help some.


You can also put hardware cloth (screen) over the holes to help keep the larger projectiles from pelting the head. I used 1/4" x 1/4" mesh & zip-tied it on the inside & rear of the fender over the (8) 7/8" holes I drilled in mine. These are hard to see in the photo in the "garage."

Other guys have riveted, bolted & strapped theirs on. Many different ways to achieve the same results. :applause:

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