Who makes a 3.x litre gas tank to fit my stock WR using stock Plastic flaring?

I need a slightly larger tank and don't want to buy new plastic flaring, does anyone make a stock replacement tank around 3-3.9 gallons that can do this??

no. ims and acerbis/gytr seem to be the best choices and they both use YZ shrouds. don't worry, most of us snag at least one of our shrouds sooner or later. you'll be buying a set one way or another.

hmm, so no-one makes them to fit without changing shrouds also eh?

The stock shrouds will fit with the Acerbis tank on the '05-'06 models. I just installed one on my bike. Great fit and quality, much better than the IMS tank. Do a search and you will see most of the WR riders prefer the Acerbis tank. :applause:

what size is this tank? from what i read acerbis makes a tank that says needs yz plastic...... what pn tank is it?

doesnt 05 - 06 wr share shrouds with 05 yz?

hmm, good question....... I don't know

I'm using the Acerbis 3.3 gal on my 06 WR- Acerbis part # 11745713 - and the stock WR shrouds fit fine.



Model.....Size.......Years...... Color... Price.... Item#

WR450F 3.3 gal 2003-2006 Natural $221.95 11745713

WR450F 3.3 gal 2003-2006 YZ Blue $221.95 11745782

WR450F 6.6 gal 2005-2006 Natural $249.95 11859513

WR450F 6.6 gal 2005-2006 YZ Blue $249.95 11859582

3.3 too small

6.6 too big


I saw a 2006 WR with the Clarke tank and it looked really nice. Pretty sure the shrouds are stock.

ok, i screwed up. in '05 (and '06) the WR went to the smaller YZ tank. i didn't look at his bike info. if you have an '05 or '06, your bike has "YZ" shrouds and they will fit on after market tanks that call for YZ shrouds.

ok second part, where can i order one of these tanks here in canada?

ok second part, where can i order one of these tanks here in canada?

You can order here,www.acerbis.it.com.


I would assume that virtually any motorcycle dealer or independent parts shop could and would order what you need from Acerbis. However, here are the addresses for the Canadian distributors of Acerbis Products for your info.



1391 Gay Lussac Suite 100

Boucherville, Quebec, J4B 7K1

T: (450) 449-3903



Parts Canada

2916 21st Street NE

Calgary, Alberta, T2E 6Z2

T: (800) 661-3878



they probabaly can, however there are none in my area, I live in a small town of <500 people in the middle of Labrador, over 300km each side of me to get to another community and they are also small towns and hard to get stuff. Easier to order from a dealer who has them in stock.

I just found one on ebay for 200 usd, not bad, i thiink i may just have to buy it, number 11745782 3.3 gallone blue

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