performance pipe,,

from oz,,had a xr350rf,with the baffle out..sounded great,loud ect..traded it in for 99 wr400,all standard,although after 14 years technolagy and 50cc more grunt,soon put me on my ass! anyway i am after that loud roar again,performance increase is not imprtant,as the only mate i go riding with is on a rmx 250,, what pipe do i get??

a stock YZ pipe.

White Brothers E-Series....Power to Go!

thankyou,,will check em out,

I agree with Yamakaze, I love my White Bros. E-Series, way more jam than stock, fully tunable and sounds great. (although many would say it's too loud)

I have an almost new white Bros e-series pipe that I would be willing to sell for $175. I tried pipe on bike and it was louder than I want. I am now using stock pipe. I also have a YZ oversize tank with new acerbis rad guards and new tank/guard decals for $150.

Buy Australian and get a Staintune. Goes as well as the rest and if you want to go from loud to quiet (I believe without sacrificing much power) it only takes about 5 seconds. I had an E-series but now dont use it. My bike goes as hard as a 520 with the quiet bung in it. Without the bung? tyres are expensive...

I Love it LOUD! I just wish they made an E-Series (S Bend) for my son's KLX 300.

Bonzai :)

[ November 06, 2001: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

What ever you get, get the full system. Yes it's an extra $300Aus but worth that extra bottom end power when going digs or bust up a hill.

Things to be careful in getting a header pipe, with really any bike, is you can easy burn your Fox 360's pants now and then due to most of them don't have a heat guard like the stock header.

The Staintune full system does though! and it's the cheapest full system I've seen in Australia. Performance though, the dyno has proved the E-Series White Bros pipe to be a top performer. Trouble is you have to slip a bag over the end each time you wash your bike. Just a little hassel, they sound good though. Another top performer, and is loud, is the FMF power cord<??five from memory> but the 'power bomb' model at anyrate. Has great bottom performace, as well as top. Hard to find in a pipe as most concentrate in top end power only(well it seems that way).

For these top two pipes you'll be paying a grand for a full system, and that's not carbon fibre - but alloy. Nothing wrong with alloy, they last longer for trail rider's anyway(crashes). As for the staintune, you'll save three to four hundred dollars.

After you do all this, then welcome to the world of jetting. But mostly if your bike is alright in it's current form, you can get away with just using the spare 170main jet that came with the bike.

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