Plating - How much in CA?

You can do it yourself in CA with the proper form and the stock emissions sticker located on the rear fender near the seat. If your bike is a California bike, then the sticker will say it conforms to California Emissions. Go to a dealership to see these on new XR650Rs. The stickers are also on the 450X and street legal dual sports like the 650L but probably in a different location. I will look for that DMV form online and post the link.

There is also a company that will do it for you. They are based out of Riverside, CA and charge a fee.

CA DMV Dual Purpose Law

Found it. The form is at the bottom of the link. This page tells you how to fill it out. Make sure you have a horn, DOT headlight, functional blinkers and brake light, lighted speedo, at least 1 mirror, battery to run lights and horn with motor not running.

I have a buddy who is a CHP and he said that to be a dualsport it needed to have a steel tank. I also pointed out that KTM sells them with pastic tanks. He figures it must be something that was mandated in the past and isn't watched closely now days. I reminded him we live in the Republik Of Kalifornia.

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