Cheapest place to find baja design kit

where can i find the cheapest baja designs kit in black for my 89 XR600R

Do you wanna use their headlight? I'm only asking cause I think the only kit baja designs sells now is the quick release kits. They discontinued the classic kits. You'd either have to get that and make a bracket to mount all the hardware to your own headlight (ie an acerbis headlight) or you'd have to put the kit together yourself by buying all the parts seperately from baja designs. Putting together your own kit is cheaper and it allows you to use your own light, but it's harder. Also, the baja designs quick release kit does not come in black.

i dont know who told you that but they are on crack they still make it specifically for my bike in any color i want but on occasion you can find other sites selling stuff cheaper than direct


If your talking about a baja designs baja kit than no they don't sell the classic kit anymore, but, like I said, they still sell the quick release kits. Same price, the only difference is that all the electronics are all premounted behind the headlight including the front wiring harness. This just makes it really hard to use your own headlight (impossible if you don't know what your doing). The older classic kits came with all seperate wiring harnesses which made it really easy to use your own headlight. All this info comes directly from Baja Designs themselves. If you talk to Ben in tech he'll help you out with whatever you need including putting a kit together yourself. As far as color, I was pretty sure you can only get red or white. Can give me a link to the black one?

well thats good because i dont want to use my own headlight cause i need it in black, ive never seen it in black but i talked to i believe the sales rep from there Diego Land sai i have to specify black when i order that kit in need, if i cant get it in black than im just gonna order it direct cause i know i can get it in black heres the email ( We do have a kit for the XR600R part # is 12-1300wt if you wanna get in black just make you specify it when you order it.

Thank you

Diego Land

Baja Designs Inc

1.800.422.5292 Ext 122 )

If your gonna use their headlight than definelty get the kit. It's well worth the money. It goes on within an hour. I think you can find some kits cheaper at, but I didn't see any in black. The only other thing you might wanna do when you get the kit is rewind your stator cause the batteries they give you don't last that long when you have to power incandesent bulbs. After you do the rewind you can run up to 125w bulb that baja designs sells for that headlight. I did it to mine and now their cheap battery should last a good while and the headlight is on it's on AC circuit so it doesn't even affect the battery.

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