Anyone running a PMB Silent Insert on 2006 WR450??

I'm considering the Pro Moto Billet (PMB-10-5501) Silent Insert for the stock pipe. Anyone have any experience with it on the 06 WR450? Is it worth the 60 bucks? I pulled the stock baffle and didn't notice anything except that it was louder. Seems like the exhaust flow was inefficient with the baffle gone and the end cap on... I'm not interested in dropping 3+ bills on an aftermarket system right now. Any feedback would be appreciated...

It is worth it. Knock out the first baffle(search the WR thread) and it will be a well spent $60. The noise level is still pretty good.

Hey Odonnks,

I have been thinking about punching that baffle. I already have the PMB, Do you know anyone that has tested sub 96db with that baffle gone, spark arrestor in, and PMB on.



I don't know of anyone who tested it yet. I'll be in a area that get tested in the next week or so. I'll let you know.

I did use a sound level meter from the safety department at work and it tested at 94 db but I'm sure I didn't follow the 'official' test protocol.

it is terrific.

1) with the free mods, a rejet and the silent insert, the bike has crazy power. i suspect that there are few of us that could actually use / need more power.

2) the other great thing is that the bike is very quiet. my bro has a honda with the ti powercore and it is very loud.

my yamaha hauls butt and is quiet about it...


Thanks Odonnks,

I'll hold off on punching it til then.


I put the tip on mine and punched out the last baffle, im very happy, i drive min on the road also, it's not too loud at all, especially when youre easy on the gas and it gives you way more power (when done with intake mods especially)

I also have the PMB, and am happy with the quiet results, better sound, and better power coupled with the air box mod and jetting.

SOLD.... I'm ordering one today.


Hey Odonnks,

Did you have a chance to test those db's yet. There is a National Forest here and I need to be able to pass the Rangers physical. :excuseme:

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