Got a wr stator to work on my 01 YZ426

My engine showed up for my dirt bike. It is supposedly a 99 yz400 motor. I needed the head for my yz426 but I found a good deal on a whole yz400 motor and the heads are interchangable so......I slam the motor in cuz "I wanna ride.Iwanna ride.....and I got no spark :prof::D and what is this yellow wire I figure out it has a wr stator and flywheel :applause: I plan to plate the bike so thats kinda cool. I found this info (see link) from electrex on how to mod the wr stator to work with the yz cdi and it must have worked because she's alive!!!. My master plan is happening :devil:MHAUHAHAHAHAHAHA :bonk::prof:

anyway....the bike runs awesome. I am really impressed with the bike. I think the whole motor is wr because first gear seems really low. I wish I new how to tell a 99 yz400 motor from a wr400 for sure. I am running the yz426 carb,cdi,unknown brand yz titainium headpipe, yz muffler.

tommorow I am going to honor memorial day by eating steaks and ribs and corn on the cob off the grill, and riding wheelies all over the yard. :lol:

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