Oil burning question....................

I`m posting this here because back in the mid 80`s there was no WR`s but TT`s instead. Bike history is I`m the original owner of a 1986 TT350, I rode the bike hard but never abused it for 2 seasons. Then the bike did some major sit time and was ridden a few times around 92-93, this is when it started burning oil. The bike has sat again until now. I have had a vavle job done, new vavle seals, replaced the rings and honed the cyl (cyl was not worn at all). Upon tearing down the engine I found the rings to be worn bad and the oil ring really worn. Now it`s all back together and I`m thinking how great having my old bike is being restored and not burning oil again. My question(s) is, have any of you current WR owners come from the later TT`s of yesteryear and seen, heard of or had a oil burner TT? I`m at a loss right now as to what else could cause it to smoke like a 2stroke. I expected some smoke at startup with all the oiling I did when I re-assembled it but the smoking never stopped. It`s like I didn`t do a thing to it..................

Kinda frustrated :applause:

yup i had a 91 model tt250 that i some how blew up (my god these things were bullet proof) instead of a rebuild i decided to build a tt350 head onto it (same bolt patterns) later on i got a 2001 model ttr250 up until this year i got a wr450

smoke like u describe sounds like bad ring gap

btw i do believe ur in the wrong forum hehe

there is a ttr forum ^^

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