Dies after hard acceleration

I have been messing around with my jetting on my 1997 XR600R and it's working pretty good now, but I still have one problem. When I top out in 1st or 2nd gear the bike shuts off completely. After it dies, I try to start it and it takes two or three kicks when it usually only takes one. So what going on?

Your are probably running out of gas. Check for restrictions in the petcock, float needle and check the float level.

thats really weird man...it could be you need a bigger main jet give that a shot i dont know much about xr600 main jet sizes so i would maybe go 10 higher than whatever you are at now and try that

Yea, I'm thinking it might be the jet too. However, when I adjust the float level should I make the float higher so more gas can fill the bowl or should I leave stock, which it is were it is now.

If the float level is on spec, I would be checking for problems causing poor fuel flow. Common ones are the gas cap vent plugged, float bowl vents plugged or restricted, float valve hanging up, fuel petcock strainer partially plugged, crap in float bowl.

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