Xr 650R Mods

It seems you can take a stock bike, do the air box mods/+ filter, carb jetting, manifold intake, and tail pipe change out to get the bike going. My question is, has anyone drilled out the tail pipe vs purchasing the new one? Is there any difference in performance or noise level? It seems easy, and worth saving the 200+ for the part. Please let me know. Thanks :applause:

A lot of people drill them out. I drilled my own out before I purchased the Barnum's Pro Exhaust.

IIRC, there was a thread discussing sound level and power differences between drilled out and HRC tips, should turn up in a search.

The drilled out tip is noticeably quieter than the HRC tip but does not flow as well. When I briefly tried it I had to go to a smaller main jet with the drilled tip.

I did not like the sound of the drilled out tip..... :applause:

The drilled stocker works very well on my son's BRP, but it is a bit loud.

I did not like the sound of the drilled out tip..... :applause:

Same here. In fact, I couldn't stand it!!!

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