Arizona WR400 For Sale

2000 WR400. 1400 miles. Adult owned & ridden. Too much bike for this 47 yr old; WR250 is next.

Meticulously cared for; all maintenance regularly done & always garaged. Beautiful, basic WR that runs/jetted perfectly. Starts 1st or 2nd kick. YZ426 pipe, gripper seat, Works Connection frame guards, Pro Rallye hand guards, perfect plastic, etc, etc. Includes 3-rail lightweight dirbike trailer if desired.

Best Offer. e-mail for pics: or

or call 480-421-1213 (work:leave msg).

Thx to the forum for outstanding help & advice the past year or so.


This bike is very clean, I can assure you all that is in very good condition.


Tisk Tisk Bob, going for the YZF250 are you. You'll never know what your missing in the 520. When you say the 400 is too much for you, do you mean in a "boy I'm tired after riding this big heavy bike" sort of way, or "oops I twisted the throttle to much :D " kinda way (or the way I felt with my 98 400 "boy am I tired of kicking this piece of **** every time I fell down :) ). The 520 :D can be a handfull at times, Heck If I was not a 300lb fat a** I'd be riding a KTM 200 EXC. That is the funnest play bike I've ever ridden.

Good luck,

Court :D:D

I love these little smiley things

Bobwombat, how much?

bob did you get my e-mail. should i tell them the real story??!!(your wife made you do it)LOLROF oh sorry the cat is out of the bag now.

lets ride on sunday if you can tell ben also.

Court: yes, i know i may be missing out on the happy button, but....; i've owned a 300EXC & liked it. but, the used ktm thumper's i've seen look like crap & guys want $6k for them easy, even if they're beat up. my WR400 looks & runs fabulously so i don't want a hag instead. in that case, i'd rather have a new WR....

yeah, the weight is just too much for me. i'm a bit older, 47, & pretty light @ 150 lbs or so. i do o.k. on the wide open but struggle with the technical stuff. i feel much better on buddy, Ben's, WR250 & know it's the perfect weight/power, etc.

the WR is an incredible bike but just a bit too much for me. thx for the feedback on the 520; i'll keep looking...


slashman! the wife doesn't even know i'm selling. i thought i'd mention it when i showed up w/a 2002 WR250F...... i'll be in touch, bobwombat

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