weird noise coming from clutch?? 06 450

hey guys i got a weird noise coming from my clutch, now when i let the bike warm up fully i get a noise coming from my bike, but when i pull the clutch in i dont get that noise anymore, it just goes away. now i dont no what it could be so maybe you guys can help me out.

Ps. anybody who has the WC skid plate, did you notice a differnt tone coming from you bike after you put it on.. thanks..

wc skid plate does make bike sound weird....not sure about the other issue you're having.

My bike does the same thing, but I haven't had a problem with it yet so i hope it is normal

I also noticed alot more noise after a few laps when put in nuetral let the clutch out. I think the skid plate makes it louder I did not notice it before as much without the skid.

Use the foam for the WC skid plate - the noise went away on mine after this.

What oil do you use?

The growling rattle you get at an idle, which ceases when the clutch is pulled in, is normal transmission rattle causes by the engine shaking the trans around at low speeds. The engine does not idle at the same speed, or even close to it. It accelerates every time if fires, rapping the gears against their drive sides. Then every time it hits compression it slows abruptly, slamming the trans against the coast side. When you pull the clutch in, you disconnect the trans from all this chaos, and the noise stops. Totally normal.

Your aluminum frame attenuates the noise a little better than the older steel ones did, but they make the same exact sound. Skid plates aggravate the situation by reflecting every sound the engine makes back at you. If you do use the foam, remove it and rinse it out once in a while or it will one day literally have accumulated about 6 pounds of crud.

This is an amazingly well timed post... my 02 426 is doing the same thing...just noticed it, and was about to post on it. Thanks to everyone for the info...and the post :applause:


Now if you had an '03 YZF then it'd be a different problem. Can you say "Clutch mod"?

thanks guys for your input i was getting a little scared there.

also i use yamalub in my bike, i was thinking of changing oil to maybe belray thumper oil.. any input on this thanks a lot

Um... have you ever owned any motorcycle. Every dirtbike or streetbike i've owned has done this and its normal. It is called the clutch. wow :applause:

Um... have you ever owned any motorcycle. Every dirtbike or streetbike i've owned has done this and its normal. It is called the clutch. wow :prof:

hey thanks for your smart @$$ answer. :applause:

by the way thanks for everybody who gave me a real answer :D

I installed a WC Skid plate and the engine noise increased greatly. It's due to the reflection. I removed it and put a small foam strip along the contact edges. It helped a little, but the fact is this is just normal noise reflection. The added protection is worth the added noise to me.

However on the first ride with the new skid plate, I absolutely thought something was wrong inside the engine. Once I had checked all motor mounts and such, I fired it up and listened, pulled in the clutch and things quieted slightly, removed it from the aluminum center stand and things got quieter, removed the skidplate, and it really got better. As another post said, I think the aluminum frame transmits mechanical sounds more. This is my first new fourstroke so every little noise bothers me with worry, but I must admit that the bike is fantastic and runs stronger every ride. I can easily live with engine noise reflection considering the performance gains over my two strokes. I love this bike!!!

Now if you had an '03 YZF then it'd be a different problem. Can you say "Clutch mod"?
Mine has had the ultimate clutch mod: a full 100% Hinson clutch. It makes this exact same noise. The clutch is not the cause of the noise in question here.

What you're talking about is all the chattering and grabbing and generally foul behavior the stock '03 was guilty of when you were trying to get iyt to engage smoothly. This is different.

BTW, you can hear this very same thing in a lot of 4 & 6 cylinder and diesel stick shift cars and trucks for the very same reason.

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