Softest Maxxis Tire?

I am looking at a sponsorship opportunity from a local shop that tells me part of the deal is I have to run Maxxis tires. Aside from Desert IT's, which I have mixed opinions on, I have never ran any other Maxxis tires.

I am a faithful and loyal user of the Michelin S-12. Up here in WA State it is the best tire you can get for all around conditions except Desert.

So, who can tell me about Maxxis' softest tire?

Thanks Guys :applause:

Not sure if the SI is the softest but it's the only one worth mounting on the front. I have tried the IT on the front and found it skidish in mud and chunked a little early. It did work well in rocky area's. but I found the SI to work well in all areas and great in mud. Just as good as the S12 but alot cheaper.

the best rear tyre i have used is a Maxxis surcross. it is a big tyre. i was a bit concerned when i got it as i didnt think the knobs on it were that big, but it wore really well, and it is the only rear i will get from here on in, that and an s12 up front.

i ran it at about 10 psi and it was the ducks guts. (which is good)

i have never heard of anyone else using one and i have never seen another one.

i didnt think my riding ability was far enough advanced to recognise the benefits or characteristics of particular tyres, but since changing from the surcross i have never felt as confident in the rear of the bike as i did with it.

SI up front and a IT in the back. Can you say hook-up!! All I can say is wow. I went out on a limb with the maxxis tires, and since then I have changed all my bike tires over to them. Im even starting to change my buddys minds on these tires, I hook and go and they spin. They got a bad reputation by being made by cheng shin. But there quality is much higher. They are cheap and wear very well plus the Yellow maxxis on the side is kinda cool.

I too have had very good luck with IT in rear and SI up front in a wide variety of conditions. HOWEVER, I just put an IT on the rear and it does appear to be wearing quicker than the old ones did. Maybe unique to thsi one,a s it cetainly has not been my previosu experience. With that being said, for the price, acceptable traction and longevity I have converted with no regrets from my old favs of Mich and Dunlop! I would much rather ride than change tires (so long as they peform)

Sponsor says I may have to run these tires, but if I see rain in the forecast I want my S-12's :applause:

Oh well, time will tell...........

Sponsor says I may have to run these tires, but if I see rain in the forecast I want my S-12's

If you run the SI front and IT rear in the rain you will be pleasantly surprised.

I really don't find a whole hell of alot of performance difference between any good rear tire as long as it wears well a throws off the mud. The front is a different story. S-12's are very pricey around these parts but are amazing in slick conditions. S-12 seem a little soft in the side wall and can be prone to tube pinching in rocky conditions.I tried the SI on mountainman's recomendation and found it to preform as well as the S-12 with a little harder side wall at almost half the cost. I find this set up to work well when conditions are changing from muddy low area's to rocky climbs and loamy trails.

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