Nevada plated

Just walked in to dmv, gave them the green bill of sale and proof of insurance, the lady mugged me for $158 then handed me my plate. It was really easy. Now that im through with dmv, im going to start working on the bike.

John in Vegas

My story went a little different. I put all the needed accessories on my WR and got it signed off by a licensed Nevada mechanic. Went to DMV and the process was going smoothly until the supervisor wanted an odometer reading. I should of lied but I said I took it off (because I used the TrickDualSport kit) Well she wasn't going to budge. I then told her that when someone builds a custom Harley there's no odometer and nowhere in the NRS does it state that I need an odometer on my bike. She got pissed off, and said "I don't care about Harley's right now or the NRS I care about your Yamaha!" I wanted to break it off in her a** but I felt patience was better. So I ran home really quick, removed one bolt out of my handlebar mounts and installed the stock odo. Of course the cable isn't long enough so I just wrapped some electrical tape around the cable end and the housing end and away I went. Back at DMV the same clerk helped me out, waved me over and gave me a license. I asked her if she wanted to see the odometer (since I put in so much work :D ) and she said screw her supervisor and gave me the plate. Just another episode in dealing with a government bueracracy! :applause:

mine was already plated, I showed the title and got plates

and paid way too much $ because the title was signed in 2004 so I had to pay state taxes (abolished for sales after january this year).

I dont, have horn, high beam, my brake light is only with the foot brake and also the blinkers are manual since on AC (I need to manually do the blinking because they just stay on with the switch)

I love nevada

Holy Cow !!

I wish PA were that easy. Do you NV guys even have a state safety inspection??

i did not get any inspection, but my bike had already the title...

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