ole change help

i need help finding the bolts to take off to drain the oil it says in the manual to take 6 bolts off well does any 1 know were #3 is (Drain Bolt "with gasket") i'm haveing a hell of a time trying to find it :applause::prof::D

I'm taking a break at work so dont have manual with me. Assuming we are talking about a WR 450. Besides removing the oil filter bolts, there are really only two bolts you need to remove. You need to drain the oil from the frame. Look for a blue bolt on your frame behind your front fender. I think it is a size 8 or 10 mm bolt (?). And then of course you need to drain the oil from the bottom of the engine. Get below your bike and look up. Its basically in the center of the case on a slight tilt. The drain plug bolt is around a size 12 mm, I think (?). I keep this stuff written down in the manual.

Anyway, when I first got the bike I wasted a lot of time trying to clean out the oil filter screen. Basically a little screen that is set inside a hose coming out of the front side of your frame. Never could find any dirt in the screen. After reading that a lot of other people dont clean that either I quit a long time ago.

Just go slow. After you change your oil a few times it gets really easy and fast.

I'd suggest picking up a BillyWho ManFunnel to help out. I can change my oil in all of 5 minutes now. Basically loosen the frame bolt (blue one under your fender), snap on the BillyWho, remove frame bolt, drain into your oil pan. Screw back in, loosen the main bolt under the bike, drain. Refill with BillyWho. Go ride.


thanx for posting my first oil change didnt go well tried to remove the screen then gave up got oil over the tire *sigh! should be easier next time, how often are you guys cleaning the oil filters ( I use the older style metal ones)

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