aftermarket carburetor

I saw that Edelbrock makes and aftermarket Carb for the 99 it worth it...when compared to stock...

i've been searching on google...but haven't found any other companies making carbs for this yr...

..btw, anyone looking to part with a keihin fcr 39h....

totally worth it, night and day difference. there is no bog at all, instant response

a friend of mine had an edelbrock carb on his sucked....bad...just get the stock yz carb working right.

Save the money and tune/adjust the carb you got. It's perfectly capable and you're not going to see any performance gains with an aftermarket unless you go with a bigger diameter. Even then your gains will be minimal.

There's no guarantee that the Edlebrock carb is going work any better then your stock carb. It would have to be tuned or adjusted as well.

What's wrong with the stock Keihin? A carb is a carb, if the jetting and tuning isn't right...the bike will run like crap. Buying a whole new carburetor will not fix your problems. The only bike I have seen real gains with using an Edelbrock carburetor is the Honda XR600/650.


The stock Keihin FCR carb is among the best there is. It are much better than the Edelbrock with more adjustments available to fine tune all throttle openings from idle, to off idle, to midrange, etc.

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