Quickshot instructions?

A co-worker sold me his used Boyesen Quickshot for $ 45.

I don't really notice any Bog on my bike stock, (2004 YZ 450f) but I figured for that price, I can always resell it and recover my money if it doesn't make any improvements. I didn't get any directions, so I'm wondering if anybody could post them, so if it needs to be "tweeked", I'll know what to do.




simple. remove old AC pump cover. be carful about the small blk o ring. that is in the recess.

reinstall AC pump cover making sure o ring is seated properly a dab of greese will keep it in place if your having trouble and tighten properly. . .

easy to do on the bike. loosen clams at both ends of your carb. tilt the carb to get access to the 3 screws. wouldnt hurt to install an adjustable fuel screw while your there. Stealth racing makes a awsome titanium one with a stainless spring that has one more coil in it to keep it from backing out under heavy vibration.

Did you get the Accel pump feeler guage?

Did you get the Accel pump feeler guage?

You don't have to worry about adjusting the timing screw like the directions indicate as long as you havn't messed with it before and it is still at stock settings. Just bolt on the Quickshot in place of the old accelerator pump cover (be careful with the o-ring) and turn the fuel screw a 1/2 turn.


Thanks for the replies..... I guess you mean to turn the fuel screw in to lean it out a half a turn??

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