custom paintjob FINALLY DONE! (PICS)

well here they are sorry for the crappy pics good camera batteries are somwhere... anywho tell me what you think img] <img src=[/img] img] <img src=[/img]

VERY NICE :applause:


Nice paint job. Is that krylon? How about fully assembled pics? That thing probably looks really good put back together.

dude thats FN sweet!

That's cool :applause: Did you paint the frame too? When do we see the bike?

Looks great..... :applause: ..... :D

you get to see the bike as soon as the engine is done hopefully my valve springs come today, no i didnt paint the frame cause i have another set of black plastics i use for the street, alongwith a black baja desogns kit im getting, and its already powder coated, its not krylon its a high temp enamyl paint with 10 caots fo sealer it peals before it scratches and is made especially for plastic, if my valve springs come today i say about a 3-4 days before its done cause my Mikuni TM40 pumper comes today as well, i still have to get a black seat and black fork boots cause i dont think red will go with the black or camo very well :applause:

Nice Job! :applause:

Looks sweet dude :applause:

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