what do you guys think of them?

the 2006 yz450F. theres nobody local i can ask so i figured i'd ask you guys :applause:

is there a bad batch of valves like the 250fs?

also has anybody ridden a older yz250f that can compare the handling of the two?

also, for a left over 2006(brand new) what dicount should i expect over the 2007 model?

thanks in advance :D

Do a seach. There have been TONS of threads on the '06

i have a 2004 yz250f with factory connection susp and i can say that the 06 yz 450 handles sooo much better than my 250f. its like night and day, i was surprise that i felt a diffence in handling. the power on the 450 is awesome and the bike feels soo light in the air is not even funny.. :applause::D

thats what i wanted to hear :applause:

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