'00 yzf 426 oil filter cover lower bolt w/oil passage

While changing the oil on my 00 426 the lower bolt on the oil filter cover(w/allen head) came out with the threads still in the bolt(stripped). This bolt has an oil passage associated with it. I was able to find a bolt that is 1/2" longer and able to tighten down to spec. Question is with the longer bolt is it going to affect the flow and cause damage? I haven't started it yet because the fear won't let me. The only other cure is a new side case(ouch). :applause:

BUMP Looking for a little help.

Got an answer. Thanks

The longer bolt will not hurt, but the cure is to pull that case off and Heli-Coil it. The oil passage in question is only a drain for the oil filter well. It not only does a poor job of draining the well, but the metal chips introduced into the threads in the process are the primary cause of the particular failure you're having now. For that reason, I always remove the top two first, and the bottom one last, and let the oil drain out side.

Either way, repair the threads the right way and replace the stock shouldered bolt.

Thanks for the input. Excellent advice. I knew TT was the place to get the straight skinny.

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