38 MPG L Model?

Well before I did the Dave's carb mods, I figured I was getting 45-48mpg, the last few times I've run the bike down to the reserve and filled it back up, and I've noticed less range now than when I first added the new tank (like 45miles less range), today I was able to pump 4.69 Gallons into my tank and was only able to acheive 200miles (indicated on odo which is 10% off, so that's how I come up with the 38mpg).

Is this in line with what most of you are getting?

BTW this is a lot of WFO and Slab running to and from work 20miles each way.

I get right about 40 by my best guess, but I havent checked it recently.

Slab running? :applause:

I never really checked when the bike was stock, but now with a WB2 pipe and Dynojet kit plus 75mph fwy driving 30mi a day, I only get 36-38mpg. I also run 14/48 gears (I like to save the front tire rubber). :applause:

I'm still getting around 47 mpg. The WFO is going to hurt that along with gearing and rear tire size.

I'm in the 38 ball park allso 14/48.

Slab running? :applause:







color me stupid. :applause:

I get 35mpg with my L with jetting and Big Gun Quiet pipe. Can't remember the gearing right now, but it's geared towards freeway riding. Just glad I have a 4 gallon tank!

I get about 40 unless I hit it real hard.

14/48 with smog and carb mods, stock pipe.

Totaly stock 06'.

i average about 45 .

Well I guess I ain't doin' too badly then. I'd like to be getting better but haulin' ass and hittin' the slab is the fastest way to work, going through the city with all the lights/stop signs sucks in this heat.

100% off road this tank, ripping on it big time. Got 29mpg on my '98 650L. hotcam, rejetted, yoshimura pipe.

My *worst* mileage was about 15mpg- riding a hilly trail-trials event.


These pigs are thirsty little sows. Big singles that have been rejetted are going to gulp down lots of extra fuel. I get around the same mpg since I'm always twisting it WFO! :applause:

You could ride much more conservatively & get a lot better mileage, but we all know that ain't no fun...

Yeah, with daves mods stock exhaust I can still get close to 50 miles a gallon riding conservative to work and back on my commuter. When I'm letting her rip I'd say about 45.

I'm in the same ballpark. I used to get about 50-52 mpg totally stock, no matter how hard i beat on it. after the hotcam, airbox, and daves mods, I'm running about 38 or so usually. It almost doesn't seem worth it, it wasn't THAT big of a power gain. With the kinda riding I do, fuel range is more important than 1 or 2 more hp. My next bike will stay stock in the motor dept.

I agree, I think some of the carb mods are overrated. I have one stock that runs just as well overall as the modded bikes. Great throttle response, average running temp 225-240, overall great runner. I think its just an individual thing, but to me I don't think its always necessary, just depends on bike and owner.

My mods are below.

34-35 mpg freeway

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