chain and sprocket replacement time!

it is time to replace the sprocket(s) on my 03 yz 450. right now it has an o-ring chain with a 14/50 set up. the rear sprocket is showing wear but the front seems ok. i probably will go back to the stock gearing (14/48 right??) which means a new chain as well. so my question is: what would be the best way to go, is it ok to change just the rear or should i change both? what is the best sprockets/ chain to go with, without emptying my pockets?? thanks.

This totally depends on your riding style and what terrain you ride. On my 03 the 14/47 is the way to go for MX.....You get a lot more use out of 4 gears .... :applause: And it makes you faster .......

I only buy Ironman Sprokets and DID or Regina non oring chains

so the lower the number of teeth on the back will speed it up and more will slow it down, am i right??

is it necessary to change both front and rear sprokets at the same time. becasue my front isnt bad.

Change both, with a new chain, or else you'll wear everything a lot faster.

I reccomend Tag or Renthal sprockets with a D.I.D. chain.


DID ERT chain and AFAM sprockets.14/48 gearing.ERT is a non-oring chain.If you want to save money,buy steel sprockets,don't skimp on the chain.

**If you want your chain to last,replace the swingarm rub plate,rollers,and rub block by the rear sprocket.On a YZF,if the rub block insert is worn,your chain will always appear to be loose,causing you to overadjust your chain.

You can get a Regina ORN chain that will last two years (mine far) for about $70. Tag (by AFAM) rear sprockets at $60 or so will last much longer than any Renthals I've used. Tag fronts are also great, but there's more parity among front cogs than rears. When you buy the right stuff, it's worth the price.

so the lower the number of teeth on the back will speed it up and more will slow it down, am i right??

yes you are correct. Smaller # of teeth in the rear = higher speed. Lower # of teeth = more acceleration

Perhaps a more noticeable effect is that a larger rear sprocket and the resulting lower gear ratio will make your transmission ratios seem closer spaced. A smaller rear sprocket and the resulting high gear ratio will give you a wider spread between gears.

I run a 15/49, which is numerically the same as a 14/46. The advantage is that the chain clears the swing arm better with the 49 (and it wasn't a special order item), and it allows me to switch to a 14/49 for tight tracks or trail areas.

as far as chains go i agree with gray on the regina ORN,they last better than the DID and krause sidewinder (krause was way overpriced!) BUT,i recently stumbled across a parts unlimited chain x-ring(offered under their own name) that is made by EK and is the same chain as what EK offers as their x-ring($30 more) its $61.95 thru dennis kirk and the TT store should be able to beat that. i've not yet installed it but it is of better quality as far as looks and feel and the side plates and pins are also noticeably larger. anyone have any experience with EK?,i did a search and didn't find much. anyway i thought this was quite a deal and just wanted to share the info :applause: as far as sprockets i've used every trick sprocket under the sun and all it left me was broke,the last time i just went with sunstar steel. they really don't weigh that much more and are under $50 front and rear. i can change them out 3 times for the cost of one sidewinder tri-metal(which only lasted one season)

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