Why i needed a new clutch pack at 40 hrs, or don't do what i did!

Make sure you have the suggested free-play in your clutch lever. I think I had my lever a bit tight for a while and, best I can tell, it was slightly engaging the clutch. I remember i could sometimes hear the lever rattle when i first got the bike, then a while later I remember it not being there anymore but it didn't really sink in, until now that is. Result: warped plates and smoked friction plates. 123.00 for new. Dumbass tax paid in full.

Trying to back the cable out to get some slack, i noticed that the little arm (nice tech term, right?) down on the motor was as far as it would go clockwise. I backed out the adjuster on the perch until the cable was compltetely out of adjustment range - as loose as i could get it and it was still super tight. When it finally went i could pin it in 1st pretty hard and not even wheelie....it was like riding a full size ttr-125 lol

At least a local dealer had all the stuff i needed in stock, so thanks to Kasson's Yamaha for carrying parts people need unlike most of the other dealers around here :applause:

Hey thanks for passing this info along. It will help someone not to make the same mistake you did. :applause:

"spend a quarter!"

I too burnt up a set of clutch plates from having too tight of slack on the cable. (Hate that annoying rattle also)

Since then I've learned the trick of placing a quarter in between the lever arm and the clutch perch to give your cable the "correct" amount of slack. The lever arm still rattles, but you learn to ignore it, or ride with one finger always on the clutch. :applause:

That clutch will not rattle with a WC Elite Pro Perch...............

i wouldnt expect that it would lol

I've got a quick question...is the free play obvserved by moving the lever and watching the lever arm (another use of the uber-tech term) on the motor? move the lever and see if the lever arm doesnt move at all? or is it pulling the lever, and then feeling for the actual resistance that many stick shift cars use as an indicator?



Yes, either or. The slack in the cable should not actuate the release arm. It should have a little play before the "arm" begins the press the clutch springs. The quarter trick is a great idea. Thanks.

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