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I am new to the XR 650 after coming off 2 strokes. My question is more of observation that I am surprised about and want to make sure that the bike is okay. I purchased a used 2003 with about 1200 miles on and just recently adjusted the valves ( they were just a hair out). Now here is my surprise. For years I have been told that kicking the BRP to start is major hassle. My surprise is that it kicks and starts on 1st or second kick with very little resistance. I thought the compression would be so great that it would be very difficult but it is not that bad at all. Does the bike have an auto decompression lever besides the handlebar lever? Bike flat out rips and runs fine so I can not imagine the compression is bad. Am I just being surprised or is there something I should look for. No burning oil or other problems that I can see. Bike idles and accelerates fine. Just wondering if the hard starting is a myth. Stock carb and uncorked with HRC tip in. Thanks

The 650R does have an autodecompressor fitted on the camshaft, it has the same effect as the decompressor lever in that it holds the RH exhaust valve partially open at the correct time to aid starting. If you use the kick start lever to slowly push the engine through two or three cycles, the autodecompressor will disengage and you will feel quite a bit of compression resistance.

Starting this bike is a piece of cake. My kids were starting my 650R's at 14 years old. I personally think its a very easy bike to start compared to some others. Cold or hot, your 650R should quickly start without any issues. If you dump the bike, then it will take more work to get it started, but it's just a matter of procedure. As creeky said, it does have an auto decompressor on the camshaft to ease starting and prevent kickback. Even with the auto decompressor removed, it's still not a hard bike to start.

After early on tweaking the idle and pilot a little bit each ride mine has started 1st kick cold or hot for years now, I did stall on a hill climb and it didn't want to kickstart but since there was no chance of going up any farther I got it turned around and put it in 2nd gear and headed down it started in about 3 seconds downhill. :applause:

My Pig Always starts second kick!

They can be a real swine untill they're uncorked properly

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