Crank case oil leak

I have a WR400 1998 and have just discovered a small oil leak. Just behind the sump plug, were the crankcase's join together there has been a small amount of seepage of engine oil (I now its engine oil as its red and the only oil I use that’s red is the engine oil). The bike has been on its side stand all the time so it’s not the actual sump plug, and I have degreased the underside of the bike to see were its coming from.

It is not allot of oil we are talking about, just a couple of drops a week, and it’s only from a small area (about 5mm along the seam). When I ran the bike the flow didn't increase, if anything stemmed the flow as the crankcase heated up.

I have used the advice of several threads from here which have been very useful and have used the search facility, but in this case don't seem to be able to find any advice.

All I want to now is whether just to live with it and top up the oil when necessary (I change the oil every 200 Mile’s anyway), or is it a case of stripping the engine down and re-sealing the crankcase. :applause:

Thanks for any advise.

Im really not sure what the sump is :applause: but your bike is at the age where there might be a trickel of oil here and there. If its just a small amount and your doing an oil level check often to determine how much your loosing, I wouldnt worry about it and go ride :D

It is something to keep an eye on, and determine where the oil is leaking from, and then you can determine whats gonna be involved in the repair if and when its needed.

Thanks for the reply,

"I wouldn't worry about it and go ride " is really what I wanted to hear. :applause:

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