handle bar suggestions

i will be replacing my stock upper triple clamp on my yz 450 with the pro taper with 1 1/8 bar mounts. what bars do you guys think will be the best or that you are very pleased with? thanks

ProTaper -- Windham bend :applause::D:prof:

windham is really nice bend.

the CR high is the "universal" bend that most everyone likes. If you are taller, get the windham.

I am 6ft 4in and i use the Renthal Fatbar RC High (114mm). I dropped my pegs (1/2in) with the foot peg mod and have 10mm bar risers as well. I finally feel comfortable. My bro calls them monkey bars, but if i stand up on the bike i don't feel like i am flying over the bars now. With my last set of Renthal Twinwall Windham (92mm), i was way over the front of the bike.

yeah, im 6'5-6'6 so it looks like ill go with the windham or rc high, thanks guys.

buy what bar bend feels good to you, not what someone else on the forum likes or uses.

as far as bar brand, i definitely prefer the protaper bars.

when you say "buy what feels good to you" you mean go to the dealership and hold the bars to see what feel best???

Bar feel varies heavily depending on the rider and their specs. If you are a tall person, the CR High, YZ High, and Pastrana High are all great bar bend choices. You can't really go wrong with either one of those. If you are of a short stature, I'd reccomend the lowest bend made...the Carmichael bend. If you've seen it, it's almost flat. All of these are made by Pro Taper.

Any of the normal bends like Windham, Henry, Stewart, etc. are all meant for people of average stature. If the signage doesn't say high or low, then it's meant for the average guy.


excellent, that last one was very help full, not that the others wernt, but now i know i need a bar designated with a high bend. and ill probably be goin pro taper. thanks

I like the Henry/Reed bend personally.

I am 6'2'' and I really like the Pro Taper Windam Bend on my 06'.

I use Pro Tapers, YZ high bend. :applause:

Try going into protaper.com and go to the handle bar section and open the part#/pricing guide. It will have all there bars list w/all the specs such as pullback, width and heigth. Then find someone w/the bars on a bike to get a good feel. Hope this helps!!

yeah thanks i will have to do that

Pro Taper Windham bend works best for me.

What about TAG bars, t2 or x5 with the yz double high? (for tall people that is) :applause:

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