600 Kick Starter Problems

The kick starter return spring on my 600 broke. I have the new one installed, and the spring hooked to the engine, but the kick starter doesn't return back. There is resistance when you try to kick it and the engine turns over, but when you take your foot off, the starter just stays there. Any ideas? Everything got reassembled like the Honda manual shows, so I'm not sure what to do (besides sell it for a 650! :applause: )

You have to get some preload on that spring. It's hard to describe, but you hook it in there, and then turn the assembly a good part of a turn before pushing it in so the stop holds it. I think it's at least 1/2 of a turn. I put the kickstarter on the end of the assembly to help turn it.

I tried preloading the spring, and went like 3-4 teeth. Do I need to go more?

Well thanks cleonard, preloading the spring was the trick. The starter engages and comes right back up. Now I need to figure out why it won't idle and fix that...then I should be good to go :applause:

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