Malcolm Smith DS ride: 11/11/01???

Any so-cal TTers going to do this ride? It leaves from Glen Helen and up into the San Bernadino mtns.

I will be going if my work schedule allows. I'll keep you posted.

I would like to go but I have to get my fork seals fixed and get the rear rim trued. Hopefully my work schedule will allow me time to get this stuff done. I live about 20 minutes from Glen Helen.

What is the cost??

If you fax you entry into Malcolm Smith Motorsports before this Saturday it's $50 and you get a clean T-shirt.

After Saturday it's $55 and no T-shirt.

Save your money

I rode the MSM ride in '97(?) & I wasn't impressed. That year it started at Gilman Springs Rd (?) and ran up to the Idlewyld area. Lot's of fireroad, a few miles of good trail. I've also ridden the Pediatric Brain Tumor DS out of Glen Helen and wouldn't do it again except that it's a good cause. Went up towards Hesperia on the west side of 15, crossed over 15 to Silverwood Lake for lunch. Around Silverwood and up/over Kleghorn back down to Glen Helen on the fireroads/two track on the east side of 15. Unless they've opened up some new trails I wouldn't bother with the MSM ride.


I have to agree. 50-55 dollars to ride that crap the forest service offers up there? Come on, give me a break. I live real close to these mountains on the desert side and will take anyone on a much better ride for nothing.


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