Front tire/chain opinions- 06 450

Okay, here's the dealie-o... I really need to get a chain and a front tire, so I started digging around on RMMC... I can get the Kenda Washougal in a 90/100/21 and sticky rubber compound... not sure if the wider tire would be good or not (same with the sticky rubber). My other two options are the Maxxis MaxxCross SI or the Dunlop 952.

Now for chains... I ran an X-ring on the 426 and was happy with it and I think I'd like to get another one for the 450. Since I ride off-road through water and sometimes snow I think an X-ring is a better idea than a standard chain, and O-ring has been ruled out because X-rings (supposedly) have less drag. Does anyone have experience with Primary Drive chains? They are a little cheaper, but I wonder if the quality is comparable to other name brand chains. Any advice on both would be appreciated!!! And, I promise, I won't bug you guys about this anymore :applause:

I remember reading someone here was not at all happy with Primary D chains. Go for DID or Regina and be safe.

I can tell you I have never had a better front tire than Michelin S12, but I guess everybody has his own opinion.

BTW - did you like my blue carnival kit? :applause:

Go half way down This Page for a deal on a Regina. The site belongs to a TT member, and a pretty good guy.

I run a Regina ORN on both bikes. They're my second and third ones. I put one on my CR500 when I bought it, rode it for over a year and a half and sold it with the same chain on and still in good shape (even though the bike destroyed three rear sprockets....sand and 65hp). The one one my 450 is now about two years old and is less than 1% longer than it started out. I just replaced the DID X ring on the 250F with an ORN. The Regina O ring always ran freer than the DID did. IMO (you know me, I'm not really humble), it's a better chain than the X ring is, and the ZRH is even better. I don't know if you can spend less money for better service or not, but $35/year for a chain that you can really more or less ignore can't be too far from as good as you can do.

Tires, if you want long life use the Michelin s12, the dunlop 756s perform a little better but for not as long.

Chains, I use the DID 520 mx, they rock, I get about 50 hours out of one and I'm a 240 pound sr int.

Why are you worried about your chain causing drag? Only when your pushing your bike would you notice your chain causing drag issues and all chains have drag when your pushing the bike. I run o-ring chains and always will, I have never had problem with them wearing out prematurely and my rear sprocket stays in good condition as well. But I'm just wondering.

mlight, the only reason I mentioned the drag is because that is the selling point of an X ring over an O ring most times, that and I think they are supposed to seal better because of flat edges or something like that. Regardless, I had the RK X ring on my old bike and was happy with it so I think I'll get another one for the 450. I'll also check into the Michelin line again for tires, but from what I remember they are quite a bit pricier than anything else I've been eyeballing.

SureBlue- I see what you meant about the "carnival kit" :applause: I'll be buying black when I order mine!

I went with a Regina Gold Oring. Doesn't seem to have stretched in the 50 or so hours I have on the bike. If it has, it's not detectable.

Swapped out the front tire with a Maxxis SI. Much better performance than stock. Doesn't look like its gonna hold up as long as the Maxxis IT I put on the rear, but the IT is a longevity anomaly.

Cowboy, I run only IRC tires on my bikes. They work excellent in all the conditions I ride in. From high Western Montana mountain single track to the desert of Eastern Montana to bentonite hillclimbing. The price is right and they wear better than any other tires I have tried. I like the VE series tires, especially on the front. Good luck buddy. :applause:

The new Kenda "Budds Creek" 90x100 is great. I bought this one as a temp fix while waiting for the new Dunlop wide front tire. This tire works well on hard pack and medium dirt. I may not buy the Dunlop at all now.

I went with the MaxxCross SI tire and an RK X-ring chain... now I just need them to get here so I can put them on and go ride! :applause:

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