2003 YZ450F Exhaust Upgrade

Just bought a stock 03 YZ450F and I would like to upgrade the exhaust system. What does anyone recommend as the best.

FMF seems to do the best marketing and have a decent system, but the Jardine seems to have better Hp gains.

P.S. I don't mind loud. I live in Nevada.

Horsepower isn't everything, especially on an '03. The FMF with the Power Bomb header gives you one of the widest, smoothest, most usuable power curves of any of them and still gives you another 1-1.5 more at peak than stock. If you kill me, you can have mine.

i too was just in the same boat, i bought a stock 03 yz 450 and dabbled with which exhaust. i almost bought a jardine for a good price but didnt, i was looking at the gytr but they were too expesive and everyone seemed to dilike them or like something else better, FMF seemed awsome to me but i just never bought that system, i was thinking yoshimura because i liked the sound they produced when i heard them at the track but it seemed the only people who had them were green or yellow, so i ended up buying a pro circuit ti-4 exhaust very recently, it should come today or tommorow when i put it on i will let you know how it is. if you were looking for the jardine i found a very good price on a new one that a company was selling on ebay, might want to check it out.

I got a complete Dr. D exhaust (header to muffler) for 490 from BTOSports, that is nearly what I see the muffler section alone costing other places. It it a nice pipe, really adds to the midrange.

I'm getting the FMF Factory 4.1 in about 2 weeks....do to a wreak that totally screwed my stock one up. But I'm just getting the mid pipe and muffler.....but I also had the full FMF factory 4....with power bomb header and the jetting kit on my 03 yz250f and it was awesome.....added a good 3 or 4 HP.

Sorry it's been a couple of days. Where did you see the Jardine system?



i saw it on ebay, not sure if it is still there or not, btw put on my ti-4 and its awesome, fits excellent and sounds great, noticeable power increase, pulls harder through all gears.

I had the White Bros. on my 03. It seemed to work well.

I had the White Bros. on my 03. It seemed to work well.

agreed and I have a WB Alum Race Series Ti pipe for sale if anyone is interested. :excuseme:

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