What WR do you ride, and how many miles/km on it?

Just a little question, since alot of us in here claim our bike`s are strong running enduros :D

What bike, how many KM or miles, and if its unopened or not!

My bike is a 2003 450, and has done around 5000km i think.. It has not had the same speedo the entire time, so i`m a little unsure..

Had to open it this winter, because the oil drain plug left me without telling me first :applause:

2001 WR426, about 6500 miles (if I believe the first owner), and it's now a 444 (yup, been opened up to replace the crank (splines on the primary drive side got dorked up when the nut let go). Did the head at the same time.

03 WR450, 23000 km (~14291 miles).

The transmission has broken few months ago - to soon if you ask me, since the piston, piston rings, cylinder showed no wear and were still in factory specs. Had to replace 4 gears, a shift fork and case halves ( :applause: )

Also had some starter problems (bad connection in the starter motor, bad starter clutch - at 20000km).

Never had to adjust valves.

The chain slider also wears the swing arm - I saw this problem on a bunch of bikes - has Yamaha done anything about this on the newer bikes (the 04 was the same as far as I know) ?

There is also the chain slap that is really annoying, and gets really loud if you ride in wet weather - can be fixed but not for long - if you put foam or silicone under the slider it usually disintegrates after 3000-4000 km.

The chain, chain slider and the lower chain guide wear to fast. A cush hub and one of those protectors that keep mud off the chain would probably extend their life.

I think the WR450 should be build a little tougher, like radiator braces from factory, better engine protection (all around, not just upfront).

The bike is otherwise good, probably one of the best that you can buy today, but if you do a lot of off road riding, there is also a lot of maintenance.

Can someone tell me just how I go about getting into the correct site for asking questions so all can see. I am brand new to TT. I need a line by line direction as this site seems real busy. Thank you

I just hit 8,000 miles on my 04 450 with no problems yet. I just change the oil regularly and check the valves every few months. It's been a damn good machine for me.


Start here.. This is the WR section in TT.. The lines you see here, is questions (its called threads) from me and others, to everybody else.. If you want to know something, then FIRST try to use the search button, and second hit "new thread" button on the page i link`d above..

Now, back to topic!

No REALLY longmiler`s in here anymore!?!

2004 WR450 1000 miles and not one problem. Awesome machine!

05 WR 450 with 28 desert races on it and about 800 trail miles = about 4000 miles I have put 2 cluches in it and never had to adj. the valves I chang the oil after ride and use amsoil in it this thing is tougher than my BRP

04 WR450. 1500 miles. No probs except for it keeps getting muddy dammit.

950 miles on my '04 and for no reason it decided to bust a valve which tore up the piston and head. $1050 later and I will have a running bike again. So needless to say I'm dissapointed with my WR.

'04 450, dunno how many km are on it but I've put close to 1000 km of street on it and no problems! I'm thinking it feels solid and should go for awhile, just all my bolts losen out so i'm always checking and tighting

2006, just ran over 100 miles ...

2003 450 with 4k miles. Chucked a woodruff key on the first ride and have been bullet proof since. :applause:

300 miles on my '06 so far, and after reading what others have on their WR's I should be good for quite few years.

06 wr450

1 hour dirt

5500+ km motard

05 Wr450, 3000 miles, no problems, 15 desert races, valves adjusted once at 500. Fun Bike!!

03 450, about 5000 miles, no issues whatsoever. Changed a cam chain a while back purely as a precautionary matter.

Tell a lie..... water pump seal replaced about 6 months ago. Straightforward job, complete cure :applause:

I would say 4000 of those were supermoto miles, in my opinion the hardest miles my bike will ever do. I've never scrimped on servicing, oil is changed every other ride, oil filter is done every other oil change. Everything else is serviced as required.

I can't fault the bike and wouldn't hesitate in buying another :D

06 WR450 94 miles. only problem is with BD light switch.

John in Vegas

2004 wr450fs. 40 000+ km. only mechanical failure to date has been the water pump seal. trans is getting a bit loose. might need shift fork soon {well before rings}.

starter died @ about 30 000km but that was due to miss use!!!

98' WR400, up and down Baja once, numerous dual sports, six day Copper Canyon trip, many, many, many miles of desert/ mountain rides. Two carb slides (hence Edlebrock carb.) adjusted valves once, regular oil changes, one water pump seal, otherwise have not touched the eng/trans. Awesome bike.

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