What WR do you ride, and how many miles/km on it?

06 wr450, 450km so far and no problems yet. (and i don't expect any)

simon@vic is the leader so far, with his 40K + bike..

Any other long milers?

2004 WR450F, 550 miles. Zilch problems, but not a lot of miles. GlocksRock, when I get to the 950 mile mark, I will cross my fingers! :applause:

03 WR 450. about 8500 miles since new. Have changed oil regularly along with of course a lot of tires, sprockets and chains. I have not had to open it up yet. Valves are still in spec.

01 WR426 6000 plus miles, no issues till next ride?

2006, 120 of the funnest miles I've ever ridden!

2003 WR450 with 8,000 miles. Have only adjusted the valves once. I run Amsoil and change it out every 200-250 miles. I love my WR! :applause:

2003 WR450 with 8,000 miles. Have only adjusted the valves once. I run Amsoil and change it out every 200-250 miles. I love my WR! :bonk:

Great reliability for sure! Simon@Vic has over 20,000. miles on his 2003 WR450! :D:prof::prof:

Both Simon and Dave are very hard & fast racers/riders! :applause:

I have a WR 426F 2002 with 3500 kms on it i was going to sell it because i thought the motor would not last long but i see K69mj has done a few Ks so i may hang onto it

My 03 WR450 just turned over 4400 mi with no problems, not even the dreaded woodruff key. Left intake is at minimum but not changing. I want an 07 but hate to get rid of a good running trust worthy machine.

2000 Wr400, Never Opened Up For Anything And It Just Turned Over 8000 Miles Of Mean, Hard, Rocky, Single Track Riding. Changed The Oil Every 300 Miles Using Mobil1 15-50 (automotive Oil). It Is An Awesome Bike!!!!!!!!

03 WR450 sadly only 3500 miles on it. 0 problems.

It runs on Amsoil and Wild Turkey. :applause:

2004 wry450 getting close to 2000 miles on it. Checked valves at 1000 miles and they were fine. do my best to follow regular maintenance. Only major problem is not enough time to ride!!!!!!


'00 WR400 with apprx 7,000 miles. No valve adjustments. Maxima 10w-40 conventional oil. Started 2nd kick after storage last winter. Usually it's a first kick starter using that silly little decomp lever which is fast becoming a novelty. I look forward to many more....

06WR450F, 2600km's no problems except for back tyres that don't seem to last.

About 900 miles on my 2005 and the only problem is with the rider :applause:

:prof: I ride an 05 -450 and just rolled the odo over for the 9th time =9000+miles of street :prof: and trail... Just changed the jetting out yesterday (and the day before with weak results) and now she's screamin (check sticky). Just put a 45 toother on this evening to see what happens. Have not checked valves yet but will do that this weekend. The only repair I have had to make is a new tail light bulb today. As a matter of fact the time before last I changed the oil I forgot to refill the crankcase :bonk: and rolled around the hood for a few wheelies and all for bout 10 min. Figured it out the next morning and filled it up. Its been rollin strong since :D BTW gettin 50+ mpg before rejetting. :applause:

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