gas tanks

Whats a better tank ims or the Clark 4.3gal for the xr650r? :applause:

Quick, put the lid back on the can of worms.

I have an IMS 4.6 and like it a lot

Quick, put the lid back on the can of worms.

I have an IMS 4.6 and like it a lot

The Acerbis!! just because it has 2 petcocks :applause:

Now close the can!!!

I put on the Clarke 4.3. Good fit and hardly noticable for my style of riding. Only things to consider is that your seat wont be as flat but will not ride up a little bit towards the front, and there is a considerable amount of debris that must be rinsed out before you use it.

This one is almost as bad as the R vs L.

For the record, I have a 4.6 IMS and love it.

How big is the stock tank, I ran out of gas and only put barely over a gallon back in it?

This one is almost as bad as the R vs L.

For the record, I have a 4.6 IMS and love it.

:applause: why is this bad? I`m new here and need info on diff products. It might be bad to some but for the people that don`t know (newbies)it`s very helpfull making his/her decision what one to pun intended

The Clarke looks and fits better.... but it's kinda wide between the legs, plus

it's a bit "soft". It would not like to hit a rock :applause:

The IMS finnsh looks crappy, but it's much more comfy to ride with.

It's nice and narrow between the legs (while standing) It's also

a bit bigger than the Clarke (4.6 vs 4.3 = 7 miles less to push if you run out)

and it's also a lot tougher.

So the question is, what are you using the bike for the most?? if it's a commute,

get the Clarke, if it's off road, the IMS is best.

Take your pick cause they'll all get the job done. I've had both Clarke & IMS for the 650R. I thought the fit, finish and the color match of the Clarke 4.3 was a little bit better than the IMS tanks I have, but I sold my Clarke and stayed with the IMS 3.2. The IMS 3.2 is actually narrower than the stock tank, is sleeker looking than the Clarke 4.3 or the IMS 4.6 and it's a very tough tank. I can count on at least 60+ miles of hard riding with the IMS 3.2, which is enough for my needs and I can get closer to 100 miles out of it if I'm careful or taking things easier.

If you want the best color match and possibly a slightly better fit, then the Clarke 4.3 might be the better choice for you if you don't mind the larger physical size. If you want a tank that's physically as small as the stock tank, then the IMS 3.2 is a good choice. There's nothing wrong with the IMS 4.6 and for some people its the best choice. You really can't go wrong with any of these tanks, especially if the price is right.

If you plan to race, then consider buying a dry break tank for more versatility and buy a trail cap insert to use most of the time and then swap it out with the dry break receiver when you're racing.

I have the Clarke 4.3 and it looks much nicer than the IMS 4.7 IMHO.

But it is wide between the knees, where the IMS is narrower. I would get the IMS.

Either way I would get the "natural" finish so you can see your gas level.


Synthetic or Dino?

Synthetic or Dino?

Now now, lets not get carried away.

Slowly step away from the key board before some real damage is done.

I think someone is still trying to remove "hell" from the hand basket the last time this subject was brought up

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