prevent stealing.

I was wondering, is there any kind of kill switch that i could install on the wr so you have to have a remote to start it? Since i will somtimes be leaving it in the parking lot. :applause:

I just installed a key switch on mine, but i still wont feel comfortable with it in a parking lot without a chain around it. Even then... if a thief wants it, they will cut the lock. My buddy just had his R1 stolen in the middle of the day, with 2 chains on it.

Mind telling me where you got it from?

Yeah, i will even take pictures because i'm so geeked about my little bracket i made LOL. I will have to post the pic tomorrow.

Here's a link to the exact key switch i used... there's many more like it too (i used "yamaha key switch" in the search field). It even comes with 2 keys!

put a large cable lock through the wheel!!!

that is great. thank you..

i work as a doormen at quite a few pubs/nightclubs so theft of my baby is always on my mind

my bike has a keyed ignition stock (theres a pic of it somewhere on here)

and i use one of these

super loud pretty sensitive, good piece of mind. wouldnt mind a big arse chain tho

nowadays i use a motorcycle cover aswell (avoiding parket officers mwahaha) and have noticed very few ppls even look at the thing with its cover on

Here's a pic of my key installed.

It's on the side of my US 2004, because i did not remove or relocate the factory push-button ON/OFF/LED.


that is a nicely mad bracket. aluminum?

So you have both the ignition and the on/off switch wired in? How did you accomplish that?

Do you always carry both keys on the ring? :applause:

Bracket is aluminum (we have a Bridgeport mill here at the shop), the switch is wired in series with the original ON/OFF push button switch, and no, i just got the key switch mounted and havent taken the spare off :applause:

I too removed the factory power switch and put on a factory ignition from a dual purpose bike, came with nut, cover, ignition and 2 keys (i took my spare off too) and just swapped position and connectors, works great, i don't know if it will keep someone from stealing it but it's a start.0cbf1018.jpg

Nice work. :applause: I think that's the way they should come factory.

Thanks, It was an easy mod to do,

screw it get theft on ur biek and dont worry, I'll sometimes put my disck lock on but man if I'm not near my biek it's locked in my garage. It also helps I work on a military base. low theft there!

THANKS GUYS. I will get the keys and the disc alarm will prevent well. I am not going to leave in lot all by itself but i do not want to chance at all.

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