I need a Zip Ty "Yamaha Link"

Apparently Zip Ty has put the Yamaha link on indefinite back order status. My stock linkage threads are stripped out.

2001 YZ426

Top dollar will be paid for new or used in very good condition

id recommend ebay, swingarms are cheap on there. I bought one complete for $10

i stripped the threads on the part that connects the shock to the linkage, and got away with a slightly longer bolt and a nut on it.

p.s put lots of loctite on and mark the nut with something to see if it turns.


I actually did just that, took a grade 8 bolt, shaved the head of the bolt and nut down, red loctite. It's holding in there just fine. Did over 100 miles at pipi valley last weekend and everything looks good.

I still want to replace the part, I can get a new link from mrcycles.com for about $85.00 but would rather "upgrade" with the Zip Ty link if I could just find one.

Thanks for the tips

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