XR600 Cam bearing failure

Wiped lobe and rocker pad on center exhaust. XR's only said it could very well be bad center bearing.Center bearing (non ball bearing surface) on head not in best of shape. Any one sell a cam with center needle braing camshaft? Specs:

89 600r w/10.5 and 630 kit. Just rebuilt with 630 kit new crank and oil pump. Only 8hrs on stock cam and new rockers.

That center "bearing" is just a smooth spot in the head for the cam to run on. I don't think there is a needle type bearing replacement. It would require special machining, if it is even possible. I thought XR's only could fix that problem, but I'm not sure. The repair involves welding extra metal there, then machining it smooth again in the right profile. If not it's new head time. They show up on ebay from time to time.

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