I have a 500 LB street bike and with riding gear and stuff add 300 LB. Even at 800 LB the wind blows me around it is the nature of the beast on a bike.

I think some of the issue with the wind is how quick the steering is. Any slight input to the bars or weight transfer makes the bike change directions. Crosswinds and turbulance from traffic have me constantly correcting my path, feeling like I'm weaving.

i I put a moto front fender on my 05 650l and it helped on the freeway takes away some of the sail and helps keeping straight in the wind.

I'll ride 70 on the freeway and love the wind blowing me all over the place. This is the main reason I ride. To be one with the road and everything around me. Granted, I ride the slab as little as possible.

With the 14/48 sprockets on now it buzzes to much over 60mph.

wind? Is anyone familar with I-10 and Indian Canyon in Palm Springs? Its where all

the Windmills are . The wind blowes sand across the road at 50 mph. Its only about

3/4 of a mile accross the dry wash area. That sand hurts and it will damm sure make

you hope you can stay up at a 30 deg. angle. If you let off the gas the bike drifts real bad. Stay on the gas to stay straight. I Know about the 405 freeway drive in the afternoon. you guys that do that are real real brave ! or crazy ?

Say you are out thrashing in the woods and end up bending your rim. Would even the slightest bend in the rim make the bike unrideable at 75mph? Never ridden on the road with a bent rim, just curious. How much would it take?

Is There Anything I Can Do So That The Wind Doesent Have As Much Of A Affect On Me.
You can get a GoldWing! :excuseme:
you guys that do that are real real brave ! or crazy ?

Are you kidding, we admit we ride L's in front of the R guys. Nuff said.

Does Vetter list any fairings for the XR? Add floor boards, a radio and some light bars and you're set! :excuseme:

Are you kidding, we admit we ride L's in front of the R guys. Nuff said.


If it's got 2 wheels, I like riding it (XRR, XRL, CR, CRF, KX, WRF, etc), but the freeway still makes me nervous at times and probably always will. Heck, I even like riding our scooter :bonk:

My XR, CR, CRF, & WRF parts for sale.

Damn freeways! I try to stay off them as much as possible but once in awhile I have to get on because of a time crunch or no sideroads available. I try my best to stay behind a car (never beside them) and when I do have to pass them I get on the pipe so that I'm now in front of them. I try to stay in the right lane all the way to right side of the lane. Only problem with this is the constant merging traffic but that is generally pretty easy to deal with. I wonder if going in the carpool lane would be safer due to less cars changing lanes there. Of course you are going to have to bump your speed up 15 m.p.h. but it might be safer :excuseme::bonk:

In regards to the wind. Lean forward so your body is as little of a wind sail as possible. I'm 6'7 and if I sit upright it's like throwing a huge sail up. My bike will pull a lot harder left and right when I sit upright.

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