Barnums ESG440 Ignition Coil High Lighting Stator

Hi, I've seen one of these advertised on ebay. Has anyone else got one or tried installing it? The ad says its a direct replacement for stock stator but the pic looks totally different to other hight output stators, eg ricky stators. I'm wanting to beef up output for dual sport/street legal, running headlights etc and was wondering if i'd need to upgrade the stock regulator /rectifier.


These are electrosport stators, and should work fine. The image on the ebay ad is not the actual XR650R stator. The actual ESG440 looks like what you would expect. Go to to see what it actually looks like.

The stock XR650R does not have a rectifier only a A/C voltage regulator using resistance to keep the volage below 14 volts. You can buy a 25 amp rectifier from Radio shack if you do not have a Baja Designs type light kit. Using a XR400 Regulator can help also you can run a full bridge rectifier that way with out one leg of the A/C going to ground.

Thanks for clarifying - better get a bid on!!


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