MXA's response to 06 popping


Dear MXA.

My 2006 YZ450F pops at low rpm, when decelerating with the throttle off and it doesn't want to idle. Also, it won't start without choke even when warm. Have you guys experienced something similar with this model?

Your problem is not uncommon and the fix is relatively simple. The standard pilot is 42. We have had luck fixing this problem with a 45, 48 or 50 pilot jet. The choice depends on how severe the problem is (you be the judge). We would start with a 48, since summer is coming, but order a 50 pilot for winter.

Fits right in with Eddie Sisnero's recommendation of a 48 pilot for that bike. But the bike doesn't run right with the stock jetting anyway; it's way too lean (probably jetted for the Mt. Fuji hill climb). Regardless of the popping, the off-idle throttle response begs a fatter pilot.

I agree Grey, I just do not get why they (Yami) would have settled on a 42 is not even close... :applause:

What issue is that one in? July? I havn't received mine in the mail yet.

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