intake valve super-tight?

Can you, with the compression release held, turn the engine all the way through two full revolutions using a wrench on the cankshaft nut (turn it forward)?

ok so the problem was i had one of the valves not leting the cam pass through (which ended in ruining the bucket and shim before i found that was the problem).

the timing was also wrong because i was aligning and then closing (putting the valve cover) and then releasing the tensioner, which pulled everything off by 1 tooth +/- lol.. (yeah i'm lame)..

i have the bike running/kicking now but the valves arent correctly shimmed..

what's the correct "bite" for the feeler? i mean, how much force should i expect from the correct shim/valve/etc? after checking so many times i'm starting to feel it's always wrong.. just before giving up 10minutes ago, i was getting a .3 on the exhaust AND on the intake.. lol..

btw how much do they (yamaha) charge you for shims over there?! i'm paying around 8euro for EACH!!

yay found a yami dealer which stocks shims/buckets/valves/springs.. got everthing together today and seems fine!!! also put in new oil&filter.. and now another "problem" the clutch is really noisy.. at first i thought i let the valves with too much slack (because i shimmed them to the largest spec, meaning 0.20 for intake instead of 0.15) but that couldn't be.. anyway i used the garden hose method to find out where the noise was coming from, and it was from the clutch!! i also recorded a video of that, with the hose on the intake, exhaust, clutch, etc.. and you can def hear the difference.. but i guess no one wants to hear/see another "noise problem" video..

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