suspension mods

Just wanted to know some experienced opinions on improving my tired suspension. I have an '85 xr600r. My questions are:

1. Should I have my rear shock rebuilt or buy a Progressive Suspension 420 series shock?

2. Cartridge emulators vs. Progressive Suspension's dampening rods and progressive springs or "straight rate springs"?

I ride everything, but mostly ride desert trails at speeds avg. between 25-55mph, not a lot of tight stuff.

1.) Getting the shock rebuilt will be a lot less than a new shock. The new shock may work a lot better though.

2.) The emulators will help a lot. If you go the emulator route, replace the bushings in the forks. I would imagine that they are worn out. I'd say keep the stock springs, unless you want/need a different spring rate. Go with the straight rate springs. For about the same price I bet you could get a set of 91 or later XR600 forks from from ebay. 91 and later XR600's have cartridge forks. Not sure if the 85 front wheel, brakes, etc will work with the 91 and later forks.

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