Any 06 owners using JD Jetting kits?

I am curious if 06 owners are using this kit yet? I have it on my 03 - it is different for the 06.

Need a real world report on results.


I had a JD kit for my 01 426 and have now fitted it to my 06 450. I am using the red needle and 170 main. Prior to fitting the bike was hard to start and had to run with choke on for at least a minute before it would idle without choke, exhaust header would glow red at idle and was poping all the time. Now the bike starts easy and choke can be turned off almost straight away and runs crisp without any poping.

JD is throwing in a richer pilot jet/jets with the '06 kit. Pretty sure the needles are the same. I tried the blue needle from my '03 WR 450 with a 48 pilot and 170 main and it was way too rich on the pilot circuit. Caused a stumble at about 1/8th -1/4 throttle. JD recomended the same set up with the red needle. I went back to the stock needle 5th position, 45 pilot, 168 main and it's real close.


I installed the JD Jetting kit in my '06 YZ450 as well. I put the 170 main jet and the 48 pilot jet in and now it does start easier and the pops are not near as loud or as often.


i put it on, and i didnt notice any difference. i went by the instructions for elevation, but still dont have it dailed in right.

Heavy humidity can affect it too.

JD is throwing in a richer pilot jet/jets with the '06 kit. Pretty sure the needles are the same....

one of the selling pooints is that the jd needle has a special "taper" to it. but it looks the same as stock to me. dunno if it is actually diff, but if it is the same as stock then the kit for the 06 YZ450 is nothing more than 2 needles & some jets with instructions. :applause:

Make sure that you have the fuel screw set properly to really notice any difference with the J/D. I have a 04' model, and the j/d definately helped the low end/midrange response.

I find that to really get the fuel screw set right, you will notice a SLIGHT popping occasionally when you shut down the throttle. A little is fine, a lot is not.

gotta remember parts for jet kits arent all the costs to them. it is the time and knowledge spent and acquired to get the jet kits to run for you. ski

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