Subframe insert, any way to fix it?

On my XR650R with the aluminum subframe, I have a stripped insert in the lower right spar where the bottom of the right numberplate bolts to the subframe. When I tried to tap the insert for a heli-coil, the whole thing broke apart. Now all I have left is a large hole in the outside edge of the subframe where the insert was previously pressed into place.

Is there any way of fixing this? I can't see the insert listed on the parts diagram. I don't want to drill all the way through the subframe to insert a bolt since this will weaken the subframe. Am I better off just ignoring it and leaving the number plate flapping in the breeze?



I can tell a little quick fix. Go to a local hardware store and get one of the short (about 1" long) molly bolt. Not the butterfly type but the king that crimps down when you screw the screw in tight. Make sure you get the size that will fit through the hole in the frame. Take off the number plate put the molly bolt in the hole and start tightening the screw until it crimps the molly bolt down tight. Then take the screw out put a washer on it big enough to secure the number plate the fasten the plate on. Don't make it too tight or it to will start to spin in the frame.

Look for a riv nut at a machine shop or buy a new subframe.

Ah, Riv nut! Yup, that is what I am looking for. Now, any chance I can find one in the M6-1 thread so I can use the original bolt? Off to do a web search.



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