brush guards / 06 YZ450F


I just tried putting my Acerbis Rally Pro brush guards on my new 06 YZ450F and they did not fit well.

What guards to others use and like? I need full metal wrap around guards and not just roost protector, for when I "lean" on trees:) in tight spots.



I just put a set on last weekewnd on mine, the only issues were where the bar has a bend and a different O.D. you have to play with the clamps a little, and the left bar needs to go behined the number plate. What problems are you having?

I installed the Cycra Probend barkbusters on my '06 YZ450 and the fit was pretty nice. I would recommend them. Just make sure you get the ones for the ProTaper bars.


What bar setup are you running on your bike? I put the Rally Pro's on my 06 with Windham bars, 10mm risers, and GYT-R triple clamp mounts and to get them to fit right took some work... I had to straighten the inner end of the handguard to make them fit, and bend them down just slightly. If you want I can take pictures of my setup for you. Also, you are wasting your time with the standard inner mounts... first time you hit the dirt they will spin and you'll bend the handguards. Get some GYT-R or similar triple clamp mounts... much more sturdy. I probably should have gone with the Cycra's but I hate how big and clunky they look... Acerbis has a new handguard out but they were backordered when I ordered all my stuff. Any more questions feel free to give me a shout... I think once you get them tweaked a little you'll be really happy with them.

I have Cycra's and just ordered the new solution system mount as the standard bar mount system is not good. Maybe I should have gone with the triple clamp mount, but I'll try this

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