ultra-mini-thumper search

i just found out about some pit bike antionals in my area and wanna get into them... problem... i can't find a bike... these races look like a blast, but i can't afford a $1000 mini bike right now...the lowest price i've seen is like $750 on a early 90's ds 80. if any of you have a pit bike (running or not) that you wanna get rid of cheap, or have seen any in your local areas cheap, please let me know...cosmetics or age are not important to me, it's all about having fun.it must be an automatic (by the rules), so i need like an xr70, ttr90, etc...



not quite cheap enough... but it sounds like a good deal...2000 ttr-90 like new, 1200.00 it is near buffalo 716-681-3927

The mini bike "thing is really taking off...I am hearing about a PIT-BIKE.COM website coming online in a couple of months..stay tuned....


yeah.. they already have one (for the local series)


it's in western pa and eastern ohio...

oh i found out that my 75 xr 75 is legal...they have a clutch class :D

talk about keeping it pinned wfo!!!! you ever tried to take a xr 75 around a track... even around the mini track in my backyeard wwhich is only like quad-width wide i can rail the whole track (minus the jumps) in third gear pinned!!!

got some restoring to do over the winter now... can't wait!!!! :D

anybody know of any company's wanting to sponsor a pit bike racer? lol :)


You from Butler? I was up at the Switchback race track working with a couple of the local pro guys with our suspension. Nice track, lights and all.....

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