05 WR450 or CRF450X

In my experience, the responses in this thread are really accurate. I've had my WR for about 5 years with no problems at all - pretty good considering countless thousands of miles of use. I've been so happy with it I can't bring myself to let her go.

I've owned Honda's and I've owned Yamaha's and at least for me and my riding style the Yamaha's just fit me better. Overall I don't think that there is much difference in quality or reliability... It's comparable to arguing over who makes a better car, Honda or Toyota. It really comes down to which bike floats your boat.

My friend picked up an 06 CRF450X a couple of months ago. After a couple of rides I was hooked on the 450 power and decided I needed to own one. After careful consideration I went with the WR. There was little things like the enduro computer and proven reliability that sold me. He is a die hard Honda guy and he even admitted after riding my WR that the bikes were equals from a performance stand point.

A lot of people have claimed that the WR has a high CG feeling to it, but I can honestly say that after riding both the 06 CRFX and 06 WR I can't tell the difference. My WR handles just as good or better than the Honda and feels lighter and less top heavy the 05 TT-R250 that I used to ride.

One thing that I have noticed is that most die hard Yamaha guys used to be die hard Honda guys...so that got to mean something. Also, the Yamaha crowd seems to be a bit more knowledgeable and honest about our machines. That's my .02

Well, I got neither of the 05's but an 04 WR450. She's gorgious :applause:

The seller was the original owner and only used it very little in 04 and not at all in 05. He took a spill on another dirt bike and hurt his back. $3,700 and all I needed to do was flush the fuel tank and clean the carb. He did all the free mods with the exception of the gray wire which I did today. He also had an aftermarket exaust insert that I thought worked good until I tried it without. It's really hard to believe that it was that restrictive but boy did the bike wake up with it removed. It's not as loud as what my 02 yz426 was but it does bark. I'll install it when buzzing around the neighbors but definately remove it while I'm in the middle of nowhere.

Thanks for all the advice guys :D

if you buy the Honda prepare to be spending big bucks on engine repairs and burnt up valves and who knows what else what! WR all the way!

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