Petcock question

quick question........

Will a petcock for a 02' WR426F, work on a 02' YZ426F. :applause:

Just needing to add the "reserve" feature for trail rides, etc. :D

( I searched and did not find this one)

I don't know if it would or not, but you would be able to tell easily enough by comparing the 2 parts side by side. Order the part and bring your old one into the dealer and compare the parts before you pay for them.

You could also call Pingel. They make aftermarket petcocks for dirt bikes. Ask them if there same part fits both a YZ and a WR.

Yes, it will work. I put my WR petcock on a stock YZ tank (mine's an 01, but the 02's are the same) for a while 'till I got a 3.4 gal IMS...

I did the same swap, the WR petcock should run you around $20. Good piece of mind on the long trails. :applause:

Cool i was thinking of doing the exact same thing.

I still say "what's the point?" The only thing you will gain with the reserve is a "warning bell" so to speak, ie with the WR petcock in the "On" position when you run out you know you have X amount of time to get back to the truck. On my old 426 I knew about how far a tank would get me in miles (roughly 60) so if I was riding much more than that I knew I'd have to be careful or carry extra fuel with me. Save the $20 you'd spend on the petcock and get something more helpful IMO.

I did it on my '98's.....maybe they have changed a little bit since then, but the WR straw was so long, that in the "ON" position I had about 1/3 of the tank before having to switch to the "RESERVE" position. The '98 WR's had a big tank with a low portion where the petcock went, and therefore needed the heighth to develop the capacity because the volume just wasn't there... hmm, hope that makes sense!!

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