Wider Tires?

I'll have to say the 06 YZ450F is AWESOME! I don't even have my Windhan bars or GYT risers yet...

I ride a track on Maui where there's lots of clay in the soil that's slick when wet and hard packs quickly when dry. I'm thinking it's better to get wider tires (90 & 120) for increased traction. Is this a correct assumption and is it recommended?

I'm not worried about losing a bit of power with the 450 but guess I would be concerned about engine wear. I'm thinking traction on our tight track is more important than increased weight in the air. I'm hearing the Maxxis IT 120 for the back. Does the Michellin S12 come in a 90? I don't think the Dunlops do.

Thanks in advance.

Certain Dunlops do, and some don't. That seems to be the story with several tire lines. The Bridgestone M401 is available in a 90 as well.

Whether you like the wider tires is for you to decide. I use a Maxxis 120 on my '03, and I like it, but that's not you, and it's not an '06.

Have used kenda carlsbad 80f 120r on my 03&06. Have good feel & wear like iron on hard clay around here. If you get me airfare to Maui, I'll bring a set & mount on your bike to try out.

I went with the 110s on my 250 with good results. I'll try the Maxxis IT 120 on the rear and stick to the 80 up front for now.

Thanks Grayracer. I like the name as my last name is Gray.

Based on the summer fares, i'll pass on the personal installation. Thanks anyway.

I'd like to check out the Carlsbad though. The track sure beats up the tires here. The 756 is chunked out and toast after 6 rides.

I did not care so much for the wider Dunlop rear. Its a pound or so heavier than stock. You can feel the difference. I noticed no advantages, so why bother?

This does not mean the 120 series tires are not good in other brands. All the companies measurre them differently. A 130 size Michelin is narrower than the 120 dunlop etc.

I have been using the Dunlop 742 in the 90/100-21 size. Its a good tire but I dont have enough time on it to recommend it to someone. It is about 3/4 of a pound heavier than a 756, but so far so good. It is great in loamy situations.

Personally, I would skip the oversized Brigestone 401a. The tire feels great up until it throws you right square on your ass. It lets go very suddenly.

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