8 inch headlight (HID or Halogen) on 650R

Anyone running an 8 inch headlight on their 650R? I'm exploring lighting options so I can try riding at night--the stocker is kinda weak. It's getting too hot here (low AZ) to ride when the sun is out.

Trailtech makes this one in both HID and Halogen varieties: http://www.trailtech.net/racelight.htm

Baja designs make this one, also in HID or Halogen: https://www.bajadesigns.com/NET/SearchByCategory.aspx?CategoryCode=SINGL

They look very similar. I understand that those lights will require electical system upgrades on my bike. Or, would a battery powered, helmet mounted set of HIDs be a better choice?

thanks for the input

A single 8in light with a 50-60watt bulb will smoke your stock light, and not require a light coil upgrade.

For what is worth I have the 8 inch trail tech on my L, and even on 55 watts that thing throws down a boat load of light. You should be able to run it without any electrical mods. :applause:

This is good input.

Currently I'm using the stock lamb assy with a PIAA dual filament bulb (35w/35w I believe) with a bead of solder accross the bulb contacts so both filaments burn. My lights dim a lot at idle. Even my LED brake/tail/license plate assembly dims a bunch (borderline unsafe for riding around town at night). And I've heard that overtaxing the stator will kill it over time--don't know if that's true or not.

So, I'm hearing that going to an 8 inch reflector with a good 55w bulb will be a nice improvement. I like that idea because it's the least expensive and simple/easy. Later I could get my stator rewound and run a 100w bulb. I think they look good too (anyone have pictures of one on their bike?) Hmmmm...

Which 8" is better, Trailtech or BajaDesigns? Are there others?

Maybe I'll try and get an 8" light now and save up for a stator rewind then eventually some helmet lights...the more light the better. Is my plan sound?

ETA: TREADMARKS, that is one sweet L. nice

You're definitely going in the right direction by looking at all these options, especially with the 8 inch setup. Anything over 50 watts will dim a bit at idle, but it quickly brightens up just above idle and you won't be killing your stator by running it this way. If you must have full brightness at idle, then you can simply rewind your stator or have it rewound or buy a new or used rewound stator, but rewinding it yourself is a piece of cake.

Simply installing the $25 optional factory Honda glass lens with a 55 watt H3 in place of the stock plastic lens is a very nice improvement. It's good for trail riding and plunking around at night, but it falls WAY short for higher speed night riding. It's OK for ~30 MPH or so at night while off road depending on the terrain. You can even install a common 100 watt H3 bulb from Autozone for more brightness, but the volume of light will be limited due to the size of the lens.

You've also got the $119 HID converstion kits that should work nicely with the factory Honda glass lens. You'll get full brightness at idle (low power consumption) and there's no filament to burn out, etc. The light will be plenty bright, but again, but the volume of light will be limited due to the size of the lens.

A single 8 inch lens with a 55 watt bulb will throw down a larger volume of more usable light than the factory Honda glass lens with a 100 watt bulb. The 8 inch setup is simply fantastic for trail riding and cost effective considering its performance. You can also upgrade this setup with a HID conversion kit if that's the route you want to go.

Ok, I'm really thinking an 8" is the way I should go. But which one? Trailtech or BajaDesigns? I wish I could look at them side-by-side. The Trailtech is $50 more. Mostly I just want the one that is built the best. They look substantially the same from the images. I just don't want to by the cheap copy of the other. Does anyone have experience with both of them? Which is lighter, has the better reflector, stronger, etc.?

BajaDesigns: 610005big.jpg

TrailTech: eclipse_8in_w450.jpg

I have seen both and the Trail-tech is a nice light but, the Baja Designs adjusts much further and the light was more defused. The light bulb in the Trail-tech broke after a bad crash. I do not know if the Baja Designs would have done the same. The bulbs are not the same on the cheep Chinese lights. The Trail-tech and the Baja Designs bulbs did not look the same and they didn't look like the cheep china ones ether.

The trail tech used hella glass and can be had in 3 different styles.

Styles available are euro, pencil and fog. I have all 3 but prefer the euro for street and pencil for open areas and off road.

They come equiped with a H1 bulb which is available in 55, 100, 110, and 130 watt ratings.

I modified my lens and reflector so that it would use an H4 bulb and use the 130/90 hella bulb.

I don't know what will work with the other light setups, but I have a blast with my death ray from trail tech.

And I've heard that overtaxing the stator will kill it over time--don't know if that's true or not.

Don't worry about over taxing the stator. The regulator works by shorting the coil to ground. Can't have any more load than that. The max load on the stator happens when there is no light at all as the regulator has the coil almost completely shorted. A light is actually less load.

If I had a stator rated at 100W,for the 8" halogen, is there a bulb bigger than 55W but smaller than 100W that I could run? If I ran 100W bulb Im sure it would go dim. :excuseme:

I have seen, I believe, a PIAA bulb that is super white 55/60W that supposedly puts out light equivilant to that of a 100W bulb. Anybody used these?

I used to run a PIAA 85watt bulb, they probably still make it.

The difference with a "Super White" bulb is color related, not wattage. So a 55watt super white would be more "white" than a standard bulb, but still only put out 55 watts of light.

The Trailtech setup uses off the shelf Hella lamps designed for trucks & buggies. Baja Designs manufactures their own lamps which are replicas of the Cibie Super Oscars Team Honda has successfully used in Baja for years. The BD setup works better because their light pattern accommodates the extra suspension pitch motorcycles have that 4-wheel vehicles don't.

On their HID setups, Trailtech mounts the ballast on a plate behind the lamp exposed to the elements. BD mounts the ballast inside a sealed lamp backing bucket.

Lastly, BD originally designed the quick release frame/reciever setup and has been manufacturing it for years now. Trailtech just ripped off this design and has only been selling their version for about a year...

ok ,thanks. thats what i wanted to know. I think Im gonna go with the baja designs 8" halogen 55W, and maybe upgrade if i think it needs it. :excuseme:

I believe thats the best way to go. You could always try out one of the HID retrofit kits later on....that's MY plan anyway.

yeah, mine too. i saw some site that has a HID retro fit for motorcycles, basically only one instead of 2 in a package...and half the price :excuseme:

The stuff that I am going to be riding at night is mainly eastern woods trails, and the occasional open fields and dirt roads... do you believe that the 8" halogen with either 55W or 80W, and a cyclops helmetlight with 50W bulb will be enough light to race with? Or is it worth the extra $300-400 to get HID headlight and helmetlight? I think for money and ease of use im gonna stick to halogen. many other people use it, why not me :bonk:

well i just got my bike done for the MRAN night race tommorow. i have a baja designs single 8" HID w/ ricky stator 200 watt stator. i also have the dual trail tech helmet lights and let me tell you those make a HUGE difference. here are some pics :excuseme:





well i just got my bike done for the MRAN night race tommorow. i have a baja designs single 8" HID w/ ricky stator 200 watt stator. i also have the dual trail tech helmet lights and let me tell you those make a HUGE difference. here are some pics :excuseme:





Tell me more about your helmet lights. I've been "almost" ordering them for a week now. Are you using the battery, or bike hookup? If battery, what kinda run time you getting?

WOW, man what a light setup :bonk::busted: . I wish I could have that soo much.

Tell me this...if I was gonna use it a few times for practice/fun, but mainly only for one 24 hour race...do you think that the HID setup is worth the $1000? I mean that sounds like alot...but if it is really that much better and safer, its worth it. I could sell it after the race if I wouldnt need it much anymore. I will probably end up going for all halogen this year though. Im a little short on $$$

If you can, take pics of what the lights do at night, if they will show up very good at all. The headlight and the helmetlight :excuseme: that would be sweet. If I went for full-out HID lights, thats exactly what I would get. :bonk:

Only you can decide what light is worth. For me out playing and doing some smaller night races, a good halogen works well. We'll be doing the 1000 this year, but you can bet we'll have HID's for that.

Bottom line....you'll NEVER have enough light. You'll always wish for more. Buy the most you can afford.

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